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Monday 30 November 2009

I) Direction:
a director and an deputy director, appointed by the Steering Board, provide the operational direction of the network.

II) Management Board:
The Management Board monitors the scientific, administrative and financial management of the network. After the review of the proposals by the Program Advisory Committee, it selects the ones which can be supported by EMIR network. It is composed of the five persons in charge of the platforms, and three external members representing the users.

III) Program Advisory Committee:
The Program Advisory Committee reviews the experimental proposals assessing their scientific quality and their feasibility in accordance with the characteristics of the request accelerator. It is composed of six high-level scientific members proposed by the coordinating committee and appointed by the steering committee. This committee will meet twice a year.

IV) Steering Board:
This committee is composed of representatives of the following research organisations: CNRS/IN2P3, CNRS/INP, CNRS/INC, CEA/DEN and CEA/DSM. The steering committee oversees the research objectives, the budget and the networking management.

V) Scientific Advisory Board:
The Scientific Advisory Board assists the Steering Board for its scientific expertise. It is composed of six members from outside of the facilities
It provides every two years a notice on network activity at steering committee.

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