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Friday 4 September 2009

The irradiation induces in materials structural modifications which have many important consequences on the physico-chemical and mechanical properties. The objectives of the experiments performed with the accelerators are to understand, predict and control the evolution of the materials properties. In addition to answer to many fundamental questions, these studies contribute to the knowledge of two technological problems: the material ageing in nuclear industries and the effects of disorder on the performance of semiconductor devices. Despite this, the French research potential in the field of materials under irradiation remains relatively low. Given this relative weakness of the means of irradiation and online characterizations, five accelerator platforms have created a network with the objective to coordinate their instrumental developments and the access to the experimental facilities. Thus, with this network, the irradiation facilities will be more efficiently opened to community and the equipments and the French expertise will be maintained to their best levels.

The five platforms are:

- CIMAP Caen (CEA/DSM, CNRS/INP, ENSICAEN, Caen University)
- CSNSM Orsay (CNRS/IN2P3, Paris-Sud University)
- LSI Palaiseau (CEA/DSM, CNRS/INP, Ecole Polytechnique)
- SRMP Saclay (CEA/DEN)

The network’s activities focus on four areas:
- Networking equipment
- Access to experimental facilities
- Scientific and instrumental research
- Training

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