Microsonde LEEL

The nuclear microprobe at LEEL allows performing IBA at the micrometric level. Microbeams are produced by focusing light energetic ion beams (p, d, 3He+, 4He+) up to 3.5 MeV produced by a single ended Van de Graaff accelerator.
Usual μIBA techniques are available for material investigations, namely RBS/EBS, NRA, ERDA, PIGE and PIXE, as well as ERCS, a particularly suitable technique for hydrogen analysis at the full lateral resolution.
Chemical imaging is produced by scanning the microbeam on sample surfaces (size adjustable up to 2x2 mm2). Data files are recorded in list mode allowing a full replay after the experiment.
Operando analysis of electrochemical devices is possible thanks to a devoted cell.

Figure 1 : Van de Graaff accelerator (background), analyzing magnet and beamlines

Figure 2 : microbeam line with endstation

Figure 3 : inside view of the analysis chamber, equipped with particle and photons detectors

More information on LEEL nuclear microprobe

Contact : Hicham Khodja