Coordination committee

The coordination committee is composed by :

• Nathalie Moncoffre Dir. EMIR&A IPN Lyon
• Marie-France Barthe Dir. Adj. EMIR&A & Dir.Adj. CEMHTI Rep. CEMHTI CEMHTI, Orléan
• Isabelle Monnet Dir. Adj. EMIR&A CEA-CNRS ENSI, Caen
• Cédric Baumier Coordonnateur EMIR&A CSNSM, Orsay
• Celine Cabet Head of JANNuS-Saclay Rep. JANNuS-Saclay SRMP, CEA, Saclay
• Amine Cassimi Dir.CIMAP Rep. CIRIL CEA, Caen
• Michèle Raynaud-Brun Dir. LSI Rep. SIRHUS LSI, Palaiseau
• Aurélie Gentils Dir. Sci JANNuS-Orsay Rep. JANNuS-Orsay CSNSM, Orsay
• Olivier Tissot Head of HVEM Rep. HVEM SRMA, CEA

It is in charge of running the EMIR&A research network. It monitors the scientific, strategic and administrative management of EMIR&A. It approves the dates available for the programming of experiments and the recommendations of the Scientific Committee. It is composed of the director and the two deputy directors, the directors of the laboratories (or their representative) assisted by the managers of the platforms.