About EMIR&A

French National network of accelerators for irradiation and analysis of molecules and materials

In 2019, the French Federation EMIR becomes EMIR&A. It now covers two separate but complementary fields :

  • Irradiation and radiolysis of molecules and materials in the continuation of EMIR ;
  • Ion beam analysis of materials (IBA).
    EMIR&A is a French national research network, gathering ion and electron accelerators for studies of the irradiation of materials and molecules and/or for their analysis by using ion beams.
    The EMIR&A facilities are complementary to one another, regarding the accelerated particles, the available energies and the available instrumentation. They are distributed on eight sites (see the location displayed on the map of France).
    EMIR&A has been created with the aims to provide access to state of the art accelerator facilities for national and international scientific community. One primary goal is to foster the links between irradiation and ion beam analysis platforms and encouraging collaborations between research teams. Once a year, EMIR&A launches a call for experiment proposals. This call is dedicated to irradiation experiments of materials and molecules and to wide-ranging ion-beam analysis. Pump priming studies and short-duration ion-beam analyses can be proposed throughout the year. All proposals go through an independent scientific evaluation.