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Scientific topics currently studied around these accelerators

The scientific thematics developed around CEMHTI accelerators (cyclotron and VDG) cover a wide area ranging from the production of radioisotopes to the study of the behaviour of materials under irradiation. Only those indicated by an asterisk are included in network activity EMIR.

I) Structural modification induced in materials by irradiation (Raman, NMR)

II) Study of punctual defects in materials induced by irradiation

  • To develop some nano-structures that can change the electronic properties of semiconductors (Si, SiGe) and insulators (SiO2)
  • To understand and predict the behaviour of nuclear materials (glass, ceramics, carbides, oxides, metals-W-Fe alloys) especially their interactions with light elements He and H.

III) Behaviour of solid / liquid / gas interfaces under irradiation.

IV) Others:

  • Production of radioisotopes for imaging and for studying corrosion and wear of materials.
  • Characterization by ion beams (NRA, RBS, PIXE, PIGE ...)