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Equipment description

The CEMHTI has two ion accelerators, a cyclotron and a van de Graaff used for research in different fields and open to the scientific community. The characteristics of available beams are deferred in the following table. It should be noted that neutron irradiation are also possible. In recent years the CEMHTI, through its technical potential, has developed various devices for irradiation with characterization techniques online (Raman ...)

Accelerator NameParticlesEnergy rangeIrradiation equipmentsOn line characterization
Cyclotron Neutron Average energy : 8 MeV (1012 n cm-2.s-1) Air, RT
Cyclotron P, d, 3He and α 10-45 MeV Multi-énergie** Scanning device, under vacuum ; RT and -170 to 1200°C Raman in-situ and electrochemistry * on solid-liquid interfaces
Pelletron installation in progress Scanning device, under vacuum -170 -1200°C RBS, NRA, Channelling ***

* Collaboration with LSI, ** under development, post-irradiation ***