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Equipment description

The EM7 High Voltage Electron Microscope (HVEM) located at CEA Saclay has been operated since 1981. Upgrading/rejuvenation of the microscope was carried out very recently in order to insure reliable operation in future years.

The main characteristics of the machine are summarized in the following table:

NameParticlesEnergy rangeIrradiation devicesOn line characterization
EM7 HVEM Electrons 0.3 to 1.2 MeV
  • Single tilt heating holder (RT to 1000K)
  • Double tilt cooling holder (77 K to 323 K)
  • Double tilt heating holder (RT to 900 K)
Video camera for in-situ observations of irradiation-induced microstructural evolutions

Electron irradiation experiments at high damage rate (typically up to about 5 10-3 dpa/s in iron/steels) can be performed using the EM7 microscope, under very good vacuum (< 5 10-8 Torr). Irradiation effects can be studied either in-situ in the microscope and/or specimens can be characterized ex-situ following the irradiation.

The samples which can be irradiated in the microscope are mostly conventional TEM thin foils, 3mm in diameter. Recently a new single tilt heating specimen holder dedicated to Atom Probe tips was designed and fabricated and will be tested shortly. Depending on the needs, it would be possible to design other dedicated holders.

Double-tilt cooling holder

Single tilt heating holder

High Voltage generator